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By Jonathan Goldbucks

Wouldn’t it be great if every time an IM guru came out with a product that it actually helped move you forward in your online business instead of pushing you away from your goals?

Well, unfortunately not all IM products are created equal.

Here are the 10 top complaints concerning IM Gurus and the products they sell:

1. Gurus who sell Internet Marketing products that are old, worn out and out-dated are ruthless. This is an old trick that some Internet Marketing gurus use. They purchase old out-dated PLR products and sell them as a new method. These out-dated methods make it difficult for the ‘newbie’ to succeed. It’s very frustrating.


2. Too much ‘HYPE’. This is usually a big turn-off to some people. Reading a website with nothing but BIG almost ‘unbelievable’ HYPE will usually make a person click the exit button. If the guru proclaims a large income potential from his screen shots – then why does he want you to have it too? People are not stupid – many people are very leery of big exaggerated numbers now days.

3. Fake Testimonials. People usually know the testimonials are fake even thought they are wishing they are true. However, those with half-a-brain realize it’s all a big con-job. Most people are fed up with it.

4. Fake Scarcity. I guess some people are fooled by the ole fake scarcity method in order to make people order now instead of later. It’s still a big turn-off when you realize it’s fake. There is no such thing of a ‘guru’ running out of digital products. It’s literally impossible and most people are onto this scarcity scam. Don’t believe for a second he only wants to sell 500 units, when he’s in business to earn as much profit as possible. It doesn’t make sense.

5. Exaggerated Claims. Some screen shots are real, but many are not. The screen shots showing daily incomes, no matter how much the ‘guru’ tries to prove it’s real, many viewers are not buying it. Even if the ‘income’ is real, the guru will always have a sleazy loophole that gets him off the hook if his methods do not work for you.

6. Bragging about his personal wealth. Most ‘gurus’ think it’s cool to show off their big houses, their luxury cars and their expensive toys. The gurus are obviously trying to show that if you buy his product you can have it all too. Many people are turned-off by this approach of trying to tap the greed of the average person. It’s just not necessary.

7. Up-selling is big business for the gurus. Now, the trick is to lure you into their sales funnel by offering a product for a low irresistible amount. Then after you buy it – they offer you another ‘can’t-succeed-without’ product that was NOT part of the first offer. It’s usually cost more money.

Sometimes, they even have a 3rd offer for a product that even cost more money. Many people are getting irritated with these never ending offers. This gimmick will soon end when people realize all the ‘guru’ did was break up the product into 2 or 3 different products in order to pull as much money from your bank account as possible while YOU have your credit card out.

8. Fake email ‘acting’ like they want to do you a favor or they want you to do them a favor. After you read the email and click the link, it’s obvious this guru is not really trying to do you a favor – they want to SELL you something. His goal is to only put money into his bank account and not yours. If you’re on many lists, then this concept is not new to you. It gets old.

9. Selling IM products with many pieces to the puzzle still missing. This is very common in the IM community. Guru will sell you a product, often times without completely testing it himself. Often times, the product will not work near as well as the guru said it would. Sometimes the product is put together so quickly or hastily parts of the puzzle is missing – therefore the buyer is spending money on promotions that fail.

10. Inflated prices of IM products. This topic is often argued in many marketing forums. The very same people who desperately need and want to learn Internet marketing are left having to steal, borrow or beg for the money to purchase a $1,197 IM product or go without. Naturally, there are high refund ratios because of buyer remorse and they are disappointed in the content of the product. I believe if the content really matched the price – there would be less refunds. Others say nearly every expensive inflated priced IM product is almost out-dated by the time the ‘guru’ launches his ‘can’t-succeed-without’ product.

I purchase nearly every IM product that’s worth buying. I review their products and I know the ‘gurus’ you can trust and those you should run from.

About the Author: Johnathon Goldbucks – author/researcher and successful business man for over 25 years. He’s been spying on the Internet Marketing gurus for 10 years. He’s known as the MarketingSPY. Go grab a few of his top SECRET IM tricks right now. They work! FREE secrets!


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