A Child’s Friend For Life: Stuffed Animals

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A Child’s Friend for Life: Stuffed Animals


Victor Epand

A child gets their first gift, a stuffed animal, which they cherish throughout their childhood days. The toy becomes their companion, their partner in everything, whether in an emotional moment – sad or happy. There is a special bond between the two of them. The child can rely on the toy for sharing all of their secrets and joyful cuddles throughout their school days and with some of them, till much later.

Such a bond provides a kid with an emotional, physical and psychological connection with the stuffed animal. Whether the toy is a teddy bear, monkey, dog or a cat, the child can do anything with it. He or she can get to chew on it, play with it, eat along with it and sleep with it, cuddling it for fear of darkness or support. The soft toy makes him or her feel belonged and waits for them when they return from school. Kids also ofteb clutch to their stuffed toys when they are in a gloomy mood or when they are sick. Sometimes when their friends are not there, these stuffed animals take their place and then kids don’t miss their friends. Often you find many kids taking their stuffed toys along with them wherever they go, either family trips or for a visit to their doctor. It sort of makes them feel reassured and confident.

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The stuffed animals tend to provide the children with a sense of belonging and friendship, when no one is near them. However, globally there are various children who are orphan and unprivileged to play with such stuffed animals. They are deprived of parental love. One can donate stuffed animals to orphanages that can provide such kids with bright smiles of their faces on getting such precious gifts. One can also gift the stuffed animals to their pets to play with. The pets love such toys as they can chew on and have an authority over the toy.

There are also certain precautions to be taken which a person should keep in mind while purchasing such toys for their child or their pet. Such toys should not be so small enough that a child is able to swallow it and this can be life threatening. The same goes with the pets. They chew on anything that comes in their way. The children might be allergic to certain furs of the soft toys or stuffed animals. So, be careful while giving stuffed animals to your children or pets.

Some of the children and pets tend to possess such toys and are quite obsessed with these materialistic toys. So, a parent should see to it that the children don’t get too attached to such materialistic things. For instance, if the toy is destroyed or gets torn by some other person, the child may take it too personally and get disturbed psychologically and physically.

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