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Based panel industry in China started late, but rapid development, reform and opening up to China’s plywood industry are unprecedented opportunities for development. 30 years, China’s plywood industry from planned economy to market economy, and increase from traditional industry to modern industry changes, growing from scratch, has been expanding, ever-increasing product range, technology and equipment and product quality increase to the end of 2007, China has more than 6,000 wood-based panel business, production scale up to 90 million cubic meters per year, based panel production and consumption the world superpower.


1978 to 1990, is a wood-based panel industry from planned economy to market economy into a period of transformation, China has the introduction of foreign wood-based panel equipment, and built a number of wood-based panel backbone enterprises in the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, based on vigorously promote the development and production of domestic equipment, wood-based panel production greatly increased annual production from 625,000 cubic meters up to 245 million cubic meters, an average annual growth of 24.3%, for the development of the industry has laid a good foundation.

Into the 90’s, the rapid rise of China’s private economy and the entry of foreign capital, promoting China’s plywood industry has entered a rapid development period, annual output breaking 20 million cubic meters in 2000, the average annual growth rate of 65%.

Entering the new century, the rapid development of real estate led the panel industry sustained rapid growth. In 2007, plywood production up to 88.39 million cubic meters, annual output of 4.41 times in 2000, average annual growth of 48.8%.


Plywood past 10 years, subject to market and the impact of raw materials, production has ups and downs, but have maintained an average annual growth rate of 30%. The end of 2007, there were more than 5,000 enterprises above designated size plywood production capacity 40 million cubic meters per year, production of raw materials imported and domestic hardwood timber-based fast-growing, most companies concentrated in the Jiangsu, Shandong and Hebei. China’s plywood production and exports in the world ranking, produced 35.616 million cubic meters in 2007, imports of 306 thousand cubic meters, export 8.782 million cubic meters and exports of 3.58 billion U.S. dollars, imports and exports respectively in 2006 and 5.76% increase 22.91%, the main exporter to the United States, Japan, Britain and South Korea.

Fibreboard Fibreboard production in China has experienced hardboard and medium (high) density fiberboard two phases. The early 90s, with hardboard enterprise 550, the annual output of nearly 200 million cubic meters. To the late 90’s, furniture and flooring by strong market demand pull, the (high) density fiberboard and particleboard plywood growth than the growth rate over the same period, and gradually replaced the hardboard product. Existing medium density fiberboard production line 684, designed annual production capacity of 32.94 million cubic meters, distributed in more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions, provinces and autonomous regions capacity top 10 accounted for 75.6% of the country’s total production capacity. 2007 fiber production 27.298 million cubic meters, 605 thousand cubic meters of imports, exports 3.044 million cubic meters, 1.086 billion U.S. dollars exports, imports and exports respectively in 2006 increased 56.34% and 70.75%, the main exporter to Saudi Arabia, U.S., South Korea and Turkey.

Particleboard manufacturers more than 600, the annual production capacity of more than 800 million cubic meters of imported production lines concentrated in Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Jilin. China’s particle board production in the “Eighth Five-Year” period of rapid growth, “during the” slowdown. In recent years, through technical transformation and new construction projects, production of a substantial recovery. Annual production of 8.291 million cubic meters in 2007, exports of 119 thousand cubic meters, import 341,000 cubic meters, the main importing countries as Thailand, Malaysia, Germany and Austria.

Other wood-based panel includes block boards, bamboo plywood, straw-based panels and functional, structural plywood, etc., which in recent years has been the rise Blockboard, with good market potential. Other wood-based panel production in 2007 17.181 million cubic meters, of which 13.241 million cubic meters Blockboard, import and export ratio in 2006 increased by 14.6% and 23.6%.


At present, China is in the industrialization, urbanization, internationalization continue to promote the important historical period, based panel industry is also facing from China to Chinese to create the transition period, the national macro-policy adjustment, from the “Anti” (anti-overheating Anti-inflation) to “guarantee a control” (to maintain steady and rapid economic development, and controlling price hikes) will help to small and medium enterprises as the main wood-based panel industry.

The development of wood based panel industry in China is not the speed, but the problem of economic structure adjustment and transformation. Mergers and acquisitions, asset reorganization will be the next 3,5 years, the development of China’s plywood industry, a major feature, a strong industrial base, improve the industrial chain, the mature workforce, a number of brand-name products, a highly entrepreneurial team will continue to promote wood-based panel industry, steady and healthy development momentum. Expected based panel industry in the development of China in the future will show the following Qushi: ?? focus on raw material forest base to Jianshe, achieving forest Bansheng Chan Yi Tihua; 2 yes accelerated technical progress, constantly optimize product structure, increasing Ge Li, Zhengtizhiliang further improve; 3 is the focus scale production of large enterprises or enterprise groups based panels are emerging; 4 is a structural panel demand rising, the accelerated development of non-wood based panels; Fifth, pay attention to the development of recycling economy and environment-friendly development and urban wood board waste recycling rapid growth .

The next 10 or even longer period of time, our economic development opportunities than challenges remain, and wood-based panel industry is now in order to enhance the core competitiveness-based strategies in transition, the development of internationally competitive large enterprise groups will be the man-made board focused on enterprise reform and development.

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