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Difference between JAVA and .Net


Jems KonaryJava is a creation of Sun Microsystems while .Net is a product from the stable of Microsoft. Both Java and .Net are used to build a comprehensive web services system and enterprise applications. The Enterprise Edition of Java 2 Platform was created to ease the process of development, design and deployment of complex enterprise solutions and the J2EE architecture is based on Java. .Net is a product suite that allows an organization to create enterprise-class web services. The difference between both is that that .Net is a product strategy while J2EE is an industry standard that gives a developer the option to choose vendor products and tools. .NET is based on the language C# and while Java runs on any platform with the help of Java VM, C# can only work on Windows currently. J2EE includes a number of features that help in boosting time-to-market and is not typically found in .NET. For instance, in many ways the developers do not need to concentrate on writing too much code due the state management services and therefore this accelerates the application development. This feature is not found in .NET, however, there are other features that .NET may possess but not Java. For example, ASP.Net does not require a client device and without rewriting the code, it can render user interfaces to alternate user interfaces. The support for existing systems offered by J2EE and .Net is quite different and in some ways, J2EE is much more superior to the support offered by .Net. Most organizations will have code that can be written in a number of different languages and it is important to integrate them so that they can be reused in the future. J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) helps in adding resource adapters that can communicate with existing systems. Though .Net also offers integration through the Host Integration Server 2000, however, it is not as superior or flexible as J2EE platform

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