Four Steps To Finding A Great Used Car At A Fair Price

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byAlma Abell

Buying a late model used car is nowhere near as risky today as it was a few years ago. Modern manufacturing methods and state of the art technology has resulted in Cadillac used cars in Michigan a far better buy than ever. If you have your sights set on a used Cadillac there are four steps that you should consider taking to ensure you get a great car at a fair price.

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  • Research: It’s fair to say that the best new cars are also the best used cars. Spend time researching; find out for yourself what cars are well known for being reliable. There are numerous web sites that offer unbiased opinions backed up with facts on what are the best used cars as well as what are the ones to stay away from.
  • The once over: Once you have identified a few prospective used cars give them a good once over, but do it during the day, not under the lights. During the day you can see any evidence of body repair or other damage. Make sure the car sits straight, if it tilts to the left, right, front or back give it a pass.

Pay attention to areas where body panels meet, for example, where the hood meets the body. These lines must be straight; the distance between the panels must be the same from front to back.

Cars that have been involved in an accident will often be repainted as part of the repair. Check around the edges of the doors, trunk and engine compartment for any evidence of spray. Lift the mat in the trunk, if the car has been repainted you will know it when you look in this out-of-the-way spot.

  • The test drive: Driving it around the block will tell you nothing about the car. Tell the dealer of Cadillac used cars in Michigan that you want at least 30 minutes to drive the car on different surfaces and at different speeds. Look for things like wind rush noise, unusual rattles, steering that pulls to one side or another or brakes that fade.
  • Independent inspection: If you were impressed with the car after the test drive, now it’s time to get really serious. All used cars should be looked at by an independent mechanic, it will cost you perhaps $100 but it is money well spent.

If the car passes your tests now is the time to talk money, not before. With a little due diligence and hard bargaining you will drive away in a great used car and you will have got it for a fair price.

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