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If you are a Windows user, you should know about the importance of the Windows registry. The registry is a kind of archive or database which contains all your computer’s configurations. It has all of the settings for all the programs and applications that you have installed. All the programs in your computer use the registry; third party apps, kernels, services, user interface, SAM, device drivers, they all depend on the registry.

Sometimes the settings and configurations listed on the registry get duplicated. Generally, these dupes don’t pose any threat or harm on your computer. However, they can make your computer run slower than before because of the extra space that they take up, and there are some times that they cause some programs to not work properly.

To remedy these problems, registry cleaners are needed. These programs are used to get rid of the duplicate and repetitive files in your registry. It is practical to have a registry cleaner software because your registry contains so many files that a manual clean up is quite an impossible feat. It may be doable, but you will just end up spending so much time to delete everything. Moreover, these are programmed to fix invalid broken registry keys – something that you probably cannot do yourself.

Luckily, there are software available for those who feel like they need a registry cleaning. There are free registry cleaner for windows 7 and free registry cleaner for windows 8.1, so if you are a user of either one of these operating systems, you are in luck.

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This registry cleaner will search your whole computer to look for all the duplicate registry entry. It will also scan different settings, tools, and options such as: Fonts, Add/Remove Programs, Virtual Devices, Custom Controls, Startup Programs, Deep Scans, Shared DLLs, File Extension, Temp Files/Shortcuts, Help and Resources, Software Locations, and Registry Integry. These settings, tools, and options are where most registries are found. This is to ensure that it will not miss the most important registry that in your computer.

What’s more is that it is also a free registry cleaner optimizer, you do not have to pay to use it. An optimizer will boost your computer settings to make it work as fast as possible and also improve the overall health of your operating system. It commonly boosts start up time (which is a common annoyance to all) and the overall system speed of your computer.

You will also be protected with this registry cleaner because it will manage your computer’s ActiveX. With this setting on, you don’t have to worry about malware infecting your computer or other people going through your personal files and folders.

Truth be told, free registry cleaner reviews might tell you that the program they downloaded opened the door for malware and viruses to enter their computers. This is because some registry cleaner programs take advantage of accessing your database. If you currently use a registry cleaner and you notice that it always has a lot of ad pop-ups, then it’s best to uninstall it and change to this free registry cleaner 2014. The clues for potentially harmful registry cleaner software are the presence of pop up ads. While it can be hard to keep software free, the occurrence of so many pop up ads can be super dangerous for your computer. However there is no need to worry since this specific software will not have annoying pop ups.

This software is available as free registry cleaner microsoft compatible. Windows is one of the most popular operating systems we have today and it has been a target of so many viruses in the past and in the present. By downloading this software, you help manage files in your computer. While anti-viruses are there to make your computer safe, having a registry cleaner will complement your anti-virus program of how it works.

Remember that regardless of how careful you are with programs you download and use on your computer, redundant registry files can still occur. Likewise, even if you habitually delete files and programs, your registry will still have problems. In fact, it may have already occurred without you knowing so. Sometimes, these redundant files and missing registry won’t act up right away but then one day you’ll just find your computer to work so slowly or might even not be working at all. To prevent this from happening in the future, you should take the opportunity of downloading an available free registry cleaner.

For us humans, we say that prevention is better than cure. It’s the same thing with computers. Our computers are important to us. For some people it’s their other half. This is why it’s important that we take care of it and make sure that it is in tiptop shape.

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