History Of The Upholstering

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History Of The Upholstering



We have heard it stated that in former times upholsterers were called upholders; and it appears to be not unreasonable when we bear in mind the principal work of upholsterers in olden times, such as the application of tapestry to walls and to articles of furniture. We have ample proof that the art is most ancient. Monumental records of the very earliest periods in Egypt reveal the fact that the ladies of the City of the Sun were wont to repose on couches and chairs that were stuffed and covered with rich materials of the most costly description; and yet it is possible that they acquired the art from India, the cradle of humanity, and, we might almost say, of all the beautiful arts. It would be futile for us to inquire whence the suggestion of a comfortable seat or carpet emanated. A glance at Nature will suffice to show a common instinct for a soft and warm retreat; and under the rude tents of the inhabitants of bygone ages this instinct would be imperatively exercised.

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Leatherworking The Ninevites, the Hebrews, the Greeks, the Tuscans, and the Romans, successively exercised the art of upholstery, as we know from their records; but it is impossible that the materials used could last for ages, hence most of the examples of upholstery are confined to the last few centuries. Perhaps the most luxuriant display of seat coverings and- curtains was in the reign of Louis XVI. Many articles produced at this period remain with us, and are being continually reproduced. There are numerous specimens after this style of work to be found in many of the art publications of the past and present day; and with the aid of this work the operative upholsterer in the United States will experience no difficulty in turning out work equal, if not superior, to the furnishings of the days of the luxurious French monarch.Leatherworking Tools

It would be ineffective for us to query whence the implication of a contented seat or carpeting emanated. A glance at Nature will meet your requirements to show a widespread intuition for a soft and temperate move away; and underneath the offensive tents of the population of departed ages this impulse would be imperatively exercised.

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