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What is gravel?

Gravel is an accumulation of rock fragments categorized in size from granule to boulder. It is sub-categorized into granular gravel and pebble gravel. Granular gravel is typically made up of rocks from .08 to .2 in diameter. Pebble gravel consists of rocks that range from .2 to 2.5 inches in diameter.

Production of gravel

Large gravel deposits occur naturally and are a result of weathering and erosion of larger rocks. Rivers and the action of waves tend to create large accumulations of gravel. When natural gravel deposits are insufficient for human purposes, it is created by crushing and quarrying larger rocks. Quarrying and crushing usually produces gravel made out of sandstone, limestone, or basalt. A quarry can otherwise be known as a gravel pit.

Types of gravel and uses

Creek rock is generally rounded, smooth, semi polished stones that are dredged from river and creek beds. It is often mixed with concrete for sidewalks, or used alone for walkways. Crushed stone is mechanically crushed that is typically produced from limestone or granite. It is widely used in concrete and road surfaces. Pea gravel consists of small rounded stones and can be used as filler for walkways, concrete aggregate, and as an aquarium substrate. These are just a few types of commonly used gravel, as the variations are endless.

Gravel in Portland Oregon

There are high quantities of locally sourced gravel near Portland Oregon. As a result, the thriving industry of gravel supply has become a competitive market in the region. The most common types of gravel sourced in the Portland area are pea gravel, river rocks, and various types of crushed gravel and concrete. Residents in the area find river rocks to be an aesthetically pleasing addition to their landscape as well as an efficient drainage substrate. Use of river rocks in landscaping deters weed growth, and is commonly used as decorative flower bed borders. Pea gravel is less decorative than river rock, but can be used for same purposes. In Oregon this type of gravel is highly popular due to its excellent drainage capabilities and budget price. This makes it easier to buy large quantities for walkways and other extensive projects. Crushed gravel is less decorative than river rocks or pea gravel, but offers excellent stability. It is often used as a base for pavers, retaining walls and terraces.

Crushed Recycled Concrete

Residents of the Pacific Northwest are environmentally conscious. As a result, the recycled concrete supply business is a growing industry. Construction and demolition projects can create large quantities of building material waste that usually gets placed in a landfill. To create a lower impact on the environment, these wasted building materials can be turned into crushed concrete to be repurposed. This material is commonly used in walkways, drainage aggregate, and flower beds.