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Submitted by: JoAnn Clarke

Your appearance and your sense of self are the aspects which make you unique. Cosmetic surgery is an extremely personal decision and one that can help enhance ones own beauty and self-assurance for a lifetime. If you are considering cosmetic breast enhancement or body shaping, it is crucial for you to make an educated decision based on all the facts.

To undergo some type of cosmetic procedure is a choice millions of individuals make at some time during their life. In the United States, 6.6 million people had cosmetic plastic surgery during 2002, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Advances in patient care, procedures and surgical technologies have further enhanced the cultural and social acceptance of cosmetic surgery.

Breast augmentation is a relatively straightforward procedure but as with any operation, there are risks connected with surgery and complications specific to this procedure. Being aware of what to expect for better or worse is essential as it could be disturbing to be confronted with unanticipated after-surgery complications.

For example, the risk of complications on the whole for saline breast implant surgery is 27.6%, with 25.8% of patients having need of re-operation for deflation of capsular contracture.


The early possible risks of the surgery may consist of: hypertrophic scarring, a very thick, raised, red scar that develops following surgery; hematoma which is a pocket of blood inside the wound; seroma, fluid that collects around the implant, causing pain or swelling; the edges of the wound separating resulting in an open wound or perhaps exposure of the implant; infection and Mondor’s Disease which is an inflammation of the blood vessels that run under the surface of the breast and happens in approximately 1% of patients. This condition, fortunately, requires no additional treatment and will go away on its own.

Additionally contaminated implants put the patient at other risks including: scar contracture, wound separation, and (in very rare cases) a critical illness called Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Therefore, immediately after surgery any indication of post-opt bleeding, filling with fluid, or any usual symptoms of infection are essential to look for.

Later complications can additionally be a risk. Asymmetry (dissimilarity in size or shape between breasts); contour irregularities which persist or get worse following the operation requiring additional surgery to rectify them; capsular contracture – connective scar tissue that is responsible for keeping the implant in place can sometimes thicken and contract causing shape changes, hardening, or pain in addition to deflation or rupture.

Most women experience some type of altered sensation or feeling, such as a lessening of breast/nipple feeling, following surgery. These changes may include amplified sensitivity, chronic pain and lack of sensation in the breast or nipple for several months or even years following the implant surgery.

After a couple of years, between two and eight percent of breast augmentation patients end up with chronic breast pain. Complications can end up having effects on your sensitivity and can be temporary or permanent. It may also have an affect on sexual response and the ability to breast-feed a baby. Another 1-2% report breast sensitivity changes, and 3-10% suffer nipple complications like losing sensations within that area.

Whether considering silicone gel implants or the saline implants, both have the same statistics. No long term data exists that indicates any complications after five years when it comes to women who have saline implants.

The choice to create changes in your appearance is highly personal and your choice of a surgeon should be based on thorough comparison

and investigation. You should be as pleased with how you are treated as you are with your surgical results. Whatever your desires and concerns may be, a reputable surgeon can help you to achieve your goals.

You ll want to be aware of what the complications are and also allow yourself to be informed about all the steps and decisions that are needed in order for you to have a satisfying breast augmentation.

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