By Robert Corter

The Disney Channel TV auditions are among the most coveted contests many youths and upcoming actors dream of attaining. In case you have ambitions of one day becoming an actor, you could be eyeing attending the TV auditions. However, it is important for people intending to vie for the auditions for Disney channels to understand that the chances available are few and yet there is a lot of competition that can be expected to be faced. The following are some essential things required for you to participate in the auditions:

Be multi talented

Many of the Disney channel TV auditions attendants are not only talented in acting. Others can sing, change their voices and even dance. Talent agents are looking for the most versatile actors. If you can only act, then you are not versatile enough. You should think of acquiring as many skills as possible as they will make your resume more attractive to the casting agents. After acquiring more than one type of skills, you can then consider hiring different agents who will help you in working in different fields.

Who are the mainly favored?


It is just obvious that actors with extra talents are capable of taking up numerous roles. That makes it important for candidates hoping to rise to the limelight to acquire as much skills as possible. Those who can only act can be successful in the auditions, but they will be overshadowed by the multi talented.

It takes more than your appearance

Many youngsters have a misconception that looking hot is adequate for them to be considered in Disney channel TV auditions. This is a great misconception since if this was what the casting crew was looking for, there are chances that some of them will be featured nowhere. The kids are supposed to struggle in achieving as much skills as they can so that they can separate themselves from the rest of the crowd.

Basic requirements asked by casting directors

Casting directors are interested in seeing a good resume and headshots of prospective candidates. Attending continuous education is another advantage that can earn you extra points. Actors who have also been in acting classes are likely to have better skills than those who have never gone into colleges hence are favored by agents. Actors training in reputable acting schools or with popular acting teacher are also favored by the casting agents. This is because they hold some substances that can help them shine in auditions for Disney channels.

Adequate motivation

There are a lot of teenagers dreaming of getting to the top, and they have the capability but are too lazy to even do the basic things required to take them to the limelight. The mentality of these kids is: they will be discovered and taken to the limelight. Wrong! You need to fight hard before you get qualified to participate in Disney channel TV auditions. If you are just too lazy to do the basic things to jumpstart your career, there are chances you will never accomplish your wishes in life.

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