By Tim H Lambert

In this dynamic world, we often want things in a fast way. When we eat foods, we usually go for fast food chains. When we want to send mail, we do it electronically thanks to the Internet. When we want a new home or car, instead of saving money for a long period of time we go for applying in home or auto loans. When we want to buy new items for personal use, we do not wait for our payday we swipe our credit card to buy it. That is how our world today.

However, to be approved in your applied loan doesn’t come easily. Lenders will study the application as well as your credit history. We all know that credit score which is directly affected by credit report is the basis for your approval in your loan application. So, how long does it take to improve your credit score? The answer to that question is solely dependent to the person. Improvement of your credit score occurs as fast as 24 hours, days, weeks or months. Boosting your credit score is a do it yourself technique. Meaning, you must be determined to do it as well as you put time and effort to achieve your goal of increased credit score. Remember that the improvement of your credit score is a continuous process, once you started to create a good image, you must maintain or improve it. Before taking necessary steps to improve credit score, you should consider the small details behind credit score improvement.


* Your creditor will only look to the past one and a half year of your credit history not the typical seven years. Thus, if you have awful credit history in the past, you may still get the chance to be qualified for a credit. People who declare bankruptcy more than 18 months old can apply for loan and normally can get it.

* The surest way to improve credit score is by paying all unpaid collections and 30 plus days late bills. If you cannot fulfill this, you may be deducted with 30 or more points. After paying the unpaid collections and bills, you should ask if they will delete the record or not. Deleting the record will remove it from your credit report hence improving your credit report leading to credit score improvement. If they do not delete the record, make sure that a mark ‘collection paid’ is written in your credit report.

* Always remember that disputing any erroneous information in your credit report is your legal rights. Disputing is based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act and you can do it in any inaccurate items. For most creditors, if you are disputing vigorously, you are applying for a secured debt like a home or car loan and they will not get in your way. So, persistent disputing of every inaccurate item is one of the most powerful techniques and it can you determine how long does it take to improve your credit score.

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