By Janice Ferrante

Christmas is a magical time. A time of hope, spirit, love, and especially family. This year make it a season of family togetherness and fun.

In recent years, we’ve all noticed that the Christmas season has gotten to be more and more commercialized.

It’s tough to see past the store displays and the hustle bustle of present buying.

In fact, during the Christmas season, sometimes you can be so overwhelmed by the pressure and expectations that you can forget that you should be using this time to celebrate all of the blessings that you have with your family.

But it doesnt have to be like that.


One of the best things that you can do to get your family ready for the season is to get everyone involved in decorating.


Of course there are the traditional types of decorating that you can involve everyone in like decorating the Christmas tree or hanging lights on the outside of the house.

However, you can really use your creativity and come up with some fantastic Christmas crafts to create together.

For example, even little ones can help you create a paper chain that you can use to count down the days to Christmas much like an advent calendar.

Or maybe you want to do something even more creative.

Have everyone in the family sit down and cut out paper snowflakes. Take clear fishing line and hang them from the ceiling for instant holiday ambiance.


Another great thing to try with your family is to go out Christmas caroling.

Its fairly easy, and is sure to get you get you into the holiday spirit and will put a smile on your audiences’ faces.

Neighborhood caroling has gone pretty much out of style, but you can still have fun and be especially appreciated by arranging a trip to a hospital or nursing home.

During the holidays, visits like this are welcomed and youll leave feeling great about yourself and the younger kids will enjoy dressing up in Christmas costumes for their ‘performance’.


Do not forget about including your family in your annual Christmas baking as well. No matter what you are baking, you will be able to find jobs for family members of all ages.

Not only would it be great to have the help, but it will help to create memories that you wont soon forget.

And youll have very tasty treats all season long!


Of course, one of the best ways that you can really engage your family’s creativity in the holiday season is by having everyone make homemade Christmas presents.

This will get you families creativity going like no other craft because there is a motivation to make it a really great project, especially with an early start.

Recipients cant help but be touched by knowing that their gift was made with care and love by the gift giver.

Additionally, your family is sure to save some money on the presents that you will be making rather than paying the expensive sticker price for something from the store.

There are great ideas for homemade presents and youll just have to get your wheels turning to come up with the best one for you!

About the Author: Jan Ferrante is the author of Make It Special a DIY Christmas Gift Giving Collection. Includes homemade skin care items, packaging and lots of of fun, economical and easy ideas for gift giving and the Christmas season.

Homemade Christmas Ideas


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