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What options do females have for female enhancement? There are breast enhancement methods, libido improvement tactics, and fertility enhancement products.

What Methods Do Women Have For Breast Enhancement?

Pills and Lotions

Pills and lotions now come together in smart packages that combine breast enhancement from the inside out and the outside in. Easy-to-swallow pills and safe lotions are applied ingested and applied to the breasts, respectively. Oftentimes, these combination packages cost $60 or less per month, sometimes even as low as $30 per month. That s less than $1 per day for breast enhancement. Now, the efficaciousness of these packages is questionable, so sometimes women turn to more serious methods, like surgery.

Breast Augmentation Procedures


Breast implants is becoming very pass . Silicone isn t the only thing that can be used to increase bust size nowadays. There are stem cells, Botox, and more. The new methods of breast enhancement are breaking the barriers of the plastic surgery universe.

Fat Transfer With Stem Cells

Breast reconstruction is sometimes done this way after a breast cancer surgery, or breast surgery of another kind. Fat cells and stem cells can get harvested straight from the abdomen and injected into the breasts. That s a very natural way of getting your breasts larger, and it s at least much more natural than an artificial substance being injected, like silicone. This is a great option for women who have no interest in getting breast implants.

Weight Loss Breast Reconstruction

This sounds like a great double whammy choice. Excess tissue from the abdomen, sometimes removed from stomach surgery with obese women, has been put into their breasts. They get a two-for-one deal. They get a reduced stomach size and an enhanced breast size. They ll look like new women after it s all said and done. This option is very appealing on the surface, but you have to be morbidly obese to quality for the surgery.

Silicone Breast Implants

The Pastry Bag job is one of the best ways to insert silicone breast implants. It was invented by Dr. Keller. Today, almost 20% of all breast implant procedures involving silicone gel use the Keller Funnel. He knew there had to be a better way to insert huge, already-filled implants rather than attempting to push them through tiny incisions with just a finger, which was the procedure that was standard at the time.

Botox Breast Augmentation

Botox in your boobs sounds kind of weird, right? It actually makes sense though. It has two big perks. There is less pain after the operation, and there is a cosmetic result that s faster too. The procedure is just like any other standard breast augmentation procedure.

So, as a woman, you have lots of options for female enhancement. You can even take pills that purport to help with a low libido, if you have a low sex drive. These pills may not be proven through extensive studies though, so watch out, because they could have unintended side effects. Their effects aren t known long-term.

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