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Submitted by: Carla Loteria

Most virtual assistant are prone to unhealthy diet that might lead to weight gain or worse, obesity. Because their work is mostly sitting in front of the monitor then their hands and brain do the work. I m 21 years old but since I gone through cystectomy when I was 19, I start to eat healthier food specially when I got my 1st job as a Internet Marketer at Most of my tasks are merely thinking, typing and clicking.

I have to keep healthy and fit , I told myself, so I go to the gym every now and then, cardio exercises like walking my way to the station rather than riding a tricycle when going to my office, eat less but more veggies.

I have researched some basic things to remember when your work involves sitting and thinking.

SPLIT EXERCISE Sometimes it s tricky to find a half-hour chunk of time when you can exercise. How about doing three ten-minute sessions instead? Get up ten minutes earlier, and do some stretching and weight-lifting exercises while you re still in your pajamas Escape from the office for a ten minute brisk walk at lunchtime (just don t make it a trip to the pub or newsagents ) Spend just ten minutes in the evening doing something active: pick your two favorite tracks and dance enthusiastically to them, jog on the spot during the advert breaks, or dust off that exercise bike in the garage.


It might not seem like a lot, but over the course of a week, you could burn over 1,100 calories equivalent to a whole day s food allowance for some dieters just by doing the above exercises every day (figures based on an 11 stone woman)


Stretching/weights10 mins40 Brisk walk10 mins46 Jogging10 mins82

This comes to: 168 cals/day 1176 cals/week

VEGETARIAN VALUE Meat is much more expensive than vegetarian sources of protein. Try having a couple of meat-free evening meals during the week. A tin of mixed beans can work well in chili, and tofu can replace chicken pieces in a stir-fry. Many (though not all) meats tend to be high in fat, too, so you ll be helping both your wallet and your diet.

NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST According to a new weight health study, people who regularly eat breakfast are 55% less likely to become obese or diabetic.

t s important to acknowledge those excuses that have held you back in the past. Get a piece of paper and write down any reasons which you use to convince yourself that you don t want to change, or which make you feel you can t change.

For example, I ve tried diets before and they never work. That was my excuse as a teenager.

When I was seventeen, I realised why diets had never worked for me: I d start a new one every Monday then give up and turn to food as soon as I was bored or upset. And I saw dieting as something I should do rather than something I wanted to do.

But I realised I could turn this around. I wanted to lose weight for myself because I knew I d be healthier. I wanted to take care of my body by eating proper meals and nutritious food rather than constantly snacking on crisps and chocolate. And this time, I wasn t expecting instant results. There was nothing wrong with the diets I d tried before just my attitude towards them.

If you love your life, love your health. There are no excuses in being healthy, you just have to set your mind that you OUGHT to be healthy. Start to be healthy or die early.

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