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How To Choose The Best Cosmetic Surgeon In 2013 !


Mark Danny

Ensure that the surgeon has board certification.

The first tip is not rocket science. Considering the delicacy of the procedure of cosmetic surgery, you definitely do not want a surgeon who is not certified by the respective national/ international board of Plastic Surgery. To find out whether the surgeon holds board certification, simply utilize the privilege of the Board of Medical specialties. Sometimes, the websites may even help you to find it out.

Always check the surgeon\’s record and rapport through reliable sources. Don\’t take Risks !

Surgeons with great expertise can sometimes prove to be a mistaken choice. Excellent communication helps build a relationship between the patient and the doctor. Therefore, in order to satisfy the patient, both parties should sit down together, jot down their expectations, candidly discuss the strategies and goals, while staying on realistic grounds. This little effort put prior to the surgery will help in the surgical journey. Ask the reliable sources and local representatives for the record and rapport of the cosmetic surgeon you are about to consult. In case of new technique or technology involved in the procedure, inquire if the substantial results were safe and effective.


Check for any hospital privileges provided to the cosmetic surgeon. See the Red Flag !

Whether you are going to start the cosmetic surgery at an outpatient clinic or the hospital, one tip worth remembering is to ask if the doctor has any hospital privileges and where. Accredited hospitals are capable of performing background checks if needed. If they don\’t have any hospital privileges, consider it a red flag. The safest place to conduct a cosmetic surgery is preferably a hospital or a surgical center.

Make sure your Cosmetic surgeon is Comprehensive and Encompassing.

One of the most important opportunities for the patient is the consultation with the surgeon and the chance to ask questions that should be answered. Comprising of a candid discussion of pros and cons, risks and advantages, make sure your cosmetic surgeon is very comprehensive and encompasses every minutest of the details considering your health an important asset and not merely an ATM machine. Such details will also help a credible surgeon to custom-tailor the task to meet the requirements of each patients individually.

Do your Homework. Come prepared with queries for your surgeon!

Make sure you know what you are doing and what the consequences might be. Prepare a list of questions for your surgeon prior to the visit. Also ask if the particular surgeon would be conducting the entire session(s). Ask for the pros and cons. Study your problem first, ask your surgeon the questions and make sure you leave the clinic satisfied.

Avoid multiple procedures.

In case your surgeon appears to bundle up the procedures, the risk factors will go up as well and so will his fee. During your pre-surgical appointments, decide the procedures prior to the surgery. Avoid multiple procedures.

Observe the follow up care. All surgical procedures do not necessarily end with the surgery performed. Make sure you discuss all the follow up care required after the surgery. Also inquire about any after effects, side effects and contact your surgeon immediately on noticing any anomalous appearances on treated area. Also plan the follow up visits with your cosmetic surgeon and discuss the surgeon\’s policies along with the surgical revisions essential after the treatment.

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Cosmetic Surgeons

across the world belong to the set of highly qualified individuals performing Plastic Surgeries on regular basis. With so many to pick from, these tips can guide to the selection of best cosmetic and

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on the basis of their research qualifications, rapport and expertise.

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