byAlma Abell

Better Homes and Gardens says the right gardening tools help you keep your garden in top shape. However, you’d need to maintain and take care of your hand held tools too if you want them to stay effective for as long as possible. Read on for some practical and handy tips on tool care:

Check for Damage

Always check your tools for any signs of damage before and after each use. That’s one way to keep you safe and protected from any accidents that could happen if you were to use a damaged tool.


Store Them Properly

Don’t leave your tools lying around. Constant use is already going to take its toll on your tools. Don’t let constant exposure to the elements add to it. You could end up with blunted blades or worn handles, forcing you to spend on premature replacements. Keep your tools properly in their original cases if that’s still possible.

Repair or Replace

Don’t try to fix your hand held garden tools with tape and hope for the best. Spit and prayers aren’t going to keep your tools working if you don’t get them properly repaired. If it’s beyond repair, don’t try to rely on a patch job. Replace your tool as soon as possible.

Don’t leave your tools on the floor of your shed or garage. Moisture can easily transfer from the floor, ground, or concrete right onto your tools, which could cause your blade to rust.

Clean and properly maintain your tools at all times.

Clean Your Tools After Every Use.

Llifehacker says most hand held tools are easy to clean. All you need is to wipe them down with a rag. A good wash with soap and water will also go a long way. For wooden handles, rub a bit of linseed oil into the surface of the handle.

Take care of your tools the right way! Follow these tips!