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As the aging population continues to increase, so also does the demand for non-invasive means for treating facial aging. To meet this need, Allergan, the makers of BOTOX Cosmetic, recently introduced the latest Hyaluronic Acid product to reach the market since Restylane.

The FDA approved both JUV DERM ULTRA and JUV DERM ULTRA PLUS in June 2006 following years of positive buzz from the European community. Both products are composed of Hyaluronic acid a naturally occurring compound found within the various tissues of our body and responsible for maintaining cell hydration, joint lubrication, and a number of other biologic functions. Because of Hyaluronic Acid s unique ability to bind as much as 1000 times its weight in water, it acts as a natural lubricant within our bodies. As we age, we lose this precious substance leaving our skin, our joints, and our eyes drier and more susceptible to age-related deterioration. When injected into the skin s dermal layer, it binds water and functions as a plumping agent to restore lost volume.

Technological advancements have allowed Allergan to produce JUV DERM using a proprietary, technologically advanced formulation which allows it to contain the highest concentration of non-animal Hyaluronic Acid of any dermal filler currently available. This high concentration can then produce dramatic improvement in facial wrinkles and folds lasting up to six months or longer.

To introduce JUV DERM , Allergan developed the JUV DERM Experience Trial (JET). This multi-center, open-label, non-comparison trial was recently unveiled to top North American physician injectors at Allergan s 2006 National Education Faculty Meeting in Orange County, CA. Member s of the Allergan NEF were introduced to the product, its long history of safety and efficacy, and educated to the JET trial. Beginning October 1, 2006 these injectors will be given pre-release access to JUV DERM and asked to enroll a total of 6 patients all of whom must have had treatment by Restylane to their nasolabial folds at least 6 months prior. The second stipulation is that the filler product has to have completely dissipated. Patients will then receive a complimentary treatment with JUV DERM and will be asked to grade their experience with the product for the next 7 months. JUV DERM will then be released to the general injector public in January of 2007 with the results of the trial being published later that year.

We are pleased to announce the availability of JUV DERM ULTRA and JUV DERM ULTRA PLUS as they join BOTOX Cosmetic and our physician-dispensed skincare treatments in Allergan s facial aesthetics portfolio, said Robert Grant, Allergan Corporate Vice President and President of Inamed, a division of Allergan. We believe the unique scientific benefits of JUV DERM , along with its technologically advanced smooth formulation will establish the brand as a leader alongside BOTOX Cosmetic in Allergan s Total Facial Rejuvenation offering.

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Juv derm Experience Trial (JET)