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Management of Behaviour


Pippa Young

Behaviour Management in schools is a very important thing that must be kept under control. Schools sometimes have different ways of coping with behaviour problems, and they also have different ways of implementing behaviour management systems. Behaviour problems can really unsettle a new teacher, problems with behaviour from students is one of the main reasons why teachers who have taught for less than 5 years will leave the profession altogether. Dealing with behaviour issues and not allowing it to affect a teacher personally is not always taught in depth during the time a teacher is first studying. This has dramatic consequences when a teacher goes into real teaching and is confronted with real life situations from students.

Classroom Management is another form of management that is necessary in schools. Classroom Management involves teachers and schools planning lessons and tasks for students to complete. These lessons and tasks have to be carefully thought out and planned effectively so as not to allow students the time or the opportunities for students to become disruptive or unruly in lessons. More often than not it is left to the teacher to plan their lessons as they know the behaviour and characteristics of their students however some schools tend to have an overall classroom management approach which applies to most classes.

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Teacher Training is vital for schools to succeed and to remain effective in what they do. Schools provide teacher training days to ensure teaching styles remain up to date and teachers are kept knowledgeable about new methods and techniques.

The teacher training at the beginning of a teachers study sometimes is weak and doesn t prepare a teacher for real life situations and what they may have to deal with.

Safeguarding is a relatively new term and refers to the safeguarding of children and young adults. Safeguarding is about the prevention of harm occurring to a child. It is not an attempt at fixing or curing problems but preventing whole situations from arising in the first place. Safeguarding involves many aspects, people who work closely with children are checked before being allowed to, to ensure they have no previous convictions that may bring harm to children. This is just one method used to safeguard children.

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