The Norelco T6000 Trimmer is one truly great present to receive or give at anytime of the year, in this article i will express my opinion on the Norelco T6000.

Every man that has a beard or moustache knows how difficult it can be to find an electrical trimmer that actually works well these days. I myself have a moustache and beard and i have used many other brand name trimmers on the market but until now have never found one so good as the Norelco T6000.

Why is the Norelco T6000 so good then?

The Norelco T6000 is manufactured by the leading electrical shaver and trimmer company which is Philips, a brand name associated with great quality electrical products throughout the world.

By choosing a product from Philips automatically gives you a Two year warranty and 60 day money back guarantee which is offered as standard with every unit.

In my experience many of my last electrical trimmers,they have developed faults after about a year and most of my previous trimmers never came with a two year warranty so this was another reason why i opted for the Norelco T6000.

My personal opinion of the Norelco T6000 is firstly an effortless trimming experience, trimming facial hair can be extremely tricky at the best of times but i found the Norelco trimmers design and functionality absolutely faultless.

Its sturdy design and great handling benefits any user involved in the intricate task of trimming hair with the Norelco T6000 using selection settings with a setting designed to deal with facial beard length grades starting from 1.5mm to an amazing 18mm length. The functionality allows you to select the precise beard or moustache length you want to trim and also includes a unique stubble trimming design used for the old six o clock shadow.

The Norelco T6000 comes as standard with a great LED window display on the unit which shows you and senses what hair length you are trimming, it can remember your last trim length used also which can be kept in its memory for regular use.

The cutting blades are made from high strength Chromium steel and has rounded teeth which assist in cutting and trimming smaller hairs. These blades act in a three dimensional way which also add great benefit in trimming that finer beard hair found on the face.

These all important blades are fully removable for easy cleaning and good hygiene standards. The unit comes with an almost fool proof guard on the trimmer and a comb guide attachment which can be opened to remove any unwanted excess hair that may of been held within the units trimmer guard attachments.

One of my main concerns with my previous electrical trimmers was how long the unit would run on a charge, what i have found with the Norelco T6000 is up to a forty five minute trim can be achieved off a ten hour charge time. Now, none of us trim for forty five minutes continuously so i have discovered the unit after this initial charge time has lasted well over three weeks so far and still going strong.

If power is a major issue for you, then the Norelco T6000 has answered your prayers as the unit comes with a power level indicator so you will never be caught out half way through a trim or shave ever again.

I am very happy with the Norelco T6000 trimmer and would personally recommended this to anyone. If you are interested in more information and where to buy the Norelco range at its cheapest price available today, click on our link below or in the resource section attached