Plant Medicine is a Fast-Acting, Natural Relief for Cold and Flu



The first or second day of a cold is the incubation stage and and there are no symptoms to tell you that you have been infected. Colds are caused by more than one hundred different viruses, so many that it is impossible to make a vaccine to stop us from getting them. They are caught by breathing in microscopic droplets of fluid containing the virus sneezed or coughed out by a person who has a cold. Because a good sneeze can carry more than the length of a bus or underground railway carriage you can’t really get out of the way of them.

You can also get infected droplets on your fingers by contact with a person who has a cold, of from objects and surfaces that they have fallen on to. You then put them into your body by touching your nose or eyes. Some get past the body’s first line of defence — the hairs and mucus in the nose, which traps them — and invade the cells of the airways. Their only aim in life is to take over your cells and to use them to reproduce by the million. Your body must now mobilise its defences to fight them off.


If you can, stay away from people with colds to avoid getting infected. Do not touch your nose or eyes after being in contact with somebody who has a cold or influenza. If there are colds around, wash your hands often to keep the viruses off them. Symptoms during the second or third day are different. Things start with a tickle or soreness in the nose and/or throat and sometimes in the eyes. The soreness in the throat gets worse and a dry cough might start, as if your throat was trying to clear something stuck in it.

You start sneezing and your nose starts to run. Cells in the nose and throat release chemicals to call up the main defence troops — the white blood cells. These chemicals irritate the cells and cause itchiness and soreness, and tickling in the nose making you sneeze. By now, a large number of cells have been invaded and killed off by the virus, and the cells in the lining of the nose produce a watery mucus to wash them out. Mounting the counter-attack against the virus takes a lot out of you, and you will feel tired and unwell.

Itos probably best to stay at home to avoid spreading your cold to others. Take it easy and rest if possible. Keep warm, and keep the atmosphere moist. Drink plenty of fluids, as you will lose a lot through mucus production and possibly perspiration. Avoid smoking if possible, as it will further irritate the throat and the lining of the nose. Suck lozenges or pastilles to ease a sore throat. Some are simply pleasantly flavoured with lemon or blackcurrant, and contain glycerin to lubricate a sore throat, while others are medicated.

For very sore throats, when it hurts to swallow, there are lozenges and throat sprays containing local anaesthetics, and a lozenges containing anti-inflammatory ingredients. For a troublesome dry cough, take a linctus containing a cough suppressant such as dextromethorphan. Linctuses containing antihistamines are also for dry coughs and because they tend to cause drowsiness, are useful to take at bedtime if a cough is keeping you awake at night. Sucking lozenges will also help control a dry cough. For that generally awful feeling take ibuprofen or paracetamol.

Natural cold remedy is approved to be a fast-acting, natural relief for cold and flu symptoms. The proprietary formula of natural plant medicine is guaranteed to provide fast relief of cold and flu symptoms. Its natural ingredients are medically proven to provide outstanding antiviral, mucolytic effects and are highly effective in the treatment of respiratory and bronchial infections. This is a novel immune-response modifier which induces stimulation of white blood cells to rid the body of viral infections.

Natural plant medicine is a breakthrough for those suffering from colds and flu. The main pharmacological effects of it are its anti-viral and immunostimulative functions. It delivers outstanding antioxidant activity from the high concentration of polyphenolic compounds and medicinal plant extracts. The extracts used in natural plant medicine for colds and flu have been demonstrated to be an effective stimulant of phagocytosis, the cells responsible for destroying invading pathogens in the system, such as viruses.

This provides an immunotherapy effect, harnessing your body’s natural defense system to eradicate infections. The immune system is stimulated and this sets off an immune reaction to reject any invading pathogen or infection. The certified organic medicinal plant extracts of natural plant medicine for colds and flu are rich in terpene oxide cineol. This compound works as a strong antiviral and expectorant agent. Natural plant medicine for colds and flu is doctor recommended and proven safe for use. To learn more, please go to

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