Plastic Surgery Debate Over Tummy Tuck Alternatives


Anna Woodward

There are always debates in some area of the medical field, especially when it comes to the disbursement of information and treatment applications of cosmetic procedures and their non-surgical alternatives. When it comes to plastic surgery, however, each body has the same parts but the circumstances behind health, lifestyle, motivation, shape, and age all influence the surgical approach, healing process, and outcome. So if a cosmetic surgeon were given three scenarios to advise, applying either the traditional cosmetic surgery options or alternatives procedures, what would he or she say?

A list of scenarios is as follows: One woman has experienced multiple births and her abdomen muscles split with the first two pregnancies and never quite healed properly. She tries to exercise regularly but never seems to carve out enough time to get her abs in shape. The second woman has lost an incredible amount of weight over the past year but a significant amount of loose skin remains around her mid-section. Her abdomen muscles underneath are clearly strong, but she is looking for an easy and low-cost solution to tighten up that lose skin. The third patient is a male who has been overweight most of his life and is still on his journey to a healthier and sleeker body, but feels discouraged by his waist line and would like a little extra push at this plateau to recharge his enthusiasm to get back into life with great confidence. He would appreciate an alternative that will allow him to avoid the traditional surgery. Each potential patient has heard about all of the alternatives for all of the other plastic surgery procedures out there, so they are hopeful that the tummy tuck is no exception for their specific condition. What would a plastic surgeon suggest as the treatment option for three very different patients?


Typically in the debate on plastic surgery alternatives for the tummy tuck focus on the condition of the abdomen. Many surgeons admit that if there is loose skin present, the only way to create the smoothing change of tightening up that area is to have one of the three traditional tummy tuck techniques. They are the only proven ways to actually cut away the excess skin. If a person could not naturally tighten the skin through exercise, then the heat-assisted and injection-assisted solutions could be effective as well. But they work on the fat beneath the skin not the skin itself. So in the end, the process of selecting the right surgical or non-surgical compliment/alternative for each patient is as individual as the patient themselves.

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Plastic Surgery Debate Over Tummy Tuck Alternatives