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Portable Electric winch system for spa placement


electric winch

No state-of-the-art hoisting or electric winch system offers all the features of the present invention. The present invention features a base in this instance made of steel with a pivot shaft. The pivot shaft has attached a common hand or electric winch with a cable or strap with hook attached. This base is then attached to the joists of a deck or platform via ratcheting tie down straps. A ready-made temporary ramp is attached to the outside joist of the deck or platform. When attached and aligned, this system enables a person to hoist a spa, hot tub, or other load with a flat bottom to the top of the deck. This job would typically be performed with 4 or more persons using a pulling method or the use of expensive crane or forklift machinery. With the present invention there is a large reduction of labor, safety and control is increased, and there is no need for heavy machinery.

Since certain changes may be made in the foregoing disclosure without departing from the scope of the invention herein involved, it is intended that all matter contained in the above description and depicted in the accompanying drawings be construed in an illustrative and not in a limiting sense.


This invention provides a very strong pivot shaft in this case made of steel attached to a rectangular base in this case also made of steel. Firmly attached to the top portion of the pivot shaft is a hand or electric winch of appropriate weight limits for the load. Also attached to the pivot shaft below the winch in this case are the two ends of a support chain or other type supports strong enough to handle the weight of the load. The ends of the support chain is attached to the right and left sides of the rear of the base using the attached chain brackets. The entire support base and pivot shaft assembly is then firmly but temporarily attached to the joist of a deck or platform in this case using four ratchet tie down straps of suitable strength.

A temporary ramp is attached to the face joist of the deck or platform. The ramp in this case is made of wood but could be made using material with suitable strength for the job. A spa, hot tub or other load is placed on the ramp bottom down and balanced. A strap, rope, or cable of sufficient strength is placed around the spa, hot tub, or other type of load and secured.

The cable or strap from the winch attached to the pivot shaft is reeled out and attached to the strap around the spa or hot tub using the hook at the free end of the cable. The winch is then engaged. The strapping around the load and cable from the winch tighten. The pivot shaft starts to rise to the extents of the chain supports. The winch is further engaged by the user hoisting the spa up the ramp to the top.

The present invention provides a controllable electric winch system for the placement of a spa, hot tub or other heavy flat bottom load onto the top of a high deck or platform. This control provides a high level of ease and safety in this winching process that is not available in the spa and hot tub industry at this time. While pulling the item up the ramp, the winching process is a slow gradual lift. The hand or electric winch has a breaking feature that provides the opportunity to stop the hoisting process at any time for adjustment or rest if needed.

In the particular example shown,

Electric Winch

conduit 32 is at least partially provided by interior surfaces of boom 20.

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