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Puppies are the cutest thing you can ever see. They are innocent and they are adorable. They never get mad and even though they don t know what’s right and what’s wrong, they don t do things that are malicious. When you first get a puppy you need to take the time and effort to train it and show it what’s right in your book and what’s wrong. You need to do this in order to establish what roles you will play. Before dogs were domesticated they all worked on a pack leader mentality. This mentality dictates who among the pack is the leader and who sets the rules. It indicates who eats first and who drinks first and who enforces all the rules that are set forth. This is key even with dogs that are domesticated because even though this may be true they will still want to operate on this pack leader mentality. It is something that is built in and in their genes. In order for you to function correctly with your new puppy now and in the future, you need to take this leadership position and make sure you keep it in a dominant way.

Being a pack leader can be something that is very complicated and something that is actually quite easy. The way it is easy is that when your puppy does something that isn t up to your standards, then you need to make sure you express that to him or her and make sure that they know you don t approve. If you were to leave this unattended and just allow him to continue doing it thinking that it will go away, you are only allowing him to think that he is the leader and not you. Its is something that requires thinking at first but once you get into this sort of position it will become natural to you. It can be very complicated because to be a pack leader, you have to not only physically show it but you must also believe it emotionally. What this means is that you need to be able to exude a calm and yet assertive force. To do that you need to believe what it is you are feeling. If you believe it yourself, it will become something that you do unknowingly.


Something like this applies to your everyday lives together. It can be exercised in the home when you want him to stay in a certain place and it can be exercised outside when you go on your walks. When you walk make sure you walk with your head held high and always make sure that you are the first one to walk. It is a sign of dominance when you are the first one out the door. You should keep everything you do in mind because it all shows and displays your status to him and all the dogs you have, if you have more than one. You need to always keep in mind what you do and how it looks to him.

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