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Flooring is the laying down of a secondary layer over the basic structure of a floor. This is done to give it a fashionable look that might incur the envy of one s friends. The material used for such a practice can be much varied from ceramic, porcelain or concrete to natural stones like marble and granite to soft floorings like carpets and area rugs. However, in

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i.e. flooring of wood, are the rage as they have a very flexible price range as well as a strong visual appeal.

Sydney floorboards

are one of the best in the world. The kinds of flooring that can however be made is as varied as the material for flooring. Some of them are:


Solid timber flooring is made from a single piece of timber. These floors are basically used because they are very strong structurally. Sydney floorboards or Australian floorboards in general are exclusively used to make good of their appearance.

Engineered flooring is the kind where there are two layers present, one above the other. The layer above, called the lamella, imparts handsomeness and the substrate below, gives the floor stability.

Tongue and groove flooring is a more expensive type of flooring where there are out-jutting tongues on the right side of the board which fits nicely on to the groove on the left. Flooring of this type is very strong and this method is also used for siding purposes.

Sydney floorboards are most extensively used in parquetry, which is a more elegant style of flooring. Here, the floorboards are laid down in intricate patterns in the form of a mosaic to give it a geometrical look to the floor. Tonguing and grooving is the method employed to strengthen the floor.

The most popular kind of flooring for outdoorsy people like the Australians is decking. In all of Australia, and especially Sydney, floorboards are fit together to form an outdoor porch or a deck to enjoy languid times.

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