The Health of your Wealth


Wain Roy

Whoever said health is wealth was perhaps only half right. For, if we think wealth is the key to health, then you know you ve found good wealth to afford the comforts of life, and your worries would take a backseat. Much the opposite would happen if your finances are out of control. So in money matters, it s essential to analyze, plan and execute.

The first step towards a secure financial position starts with budgeting. You must have a budget to gauge your future positioning. A budget is nothing but an overview on how much you earn, spend, and save. This can be short-term as in case of daily or weekly budgets. It helps you to have an idea about where your money is or will be. Budgeting also helps in achieving long-term goals. For instance, if you fancy owning a Lexus after five years, you should plan to save some bucks from your pay every month and budget accordingly. If you stick to this practice, your desires won t fail you.

Another must-do en route to financial health is to save. They say if you look after your pennies, the pounds will follow soon. So be penny-wise and start saving early in your career. Save in the form of funds or superannuation, but save to save future troubles/emergencies. However, this is not to say that you bid adieu to fun-factors in life. Indulge in luxuries or occasional extravagances, but save consciously.


Don t remain tied in debt. The sooner you become debt-free, the healthier it is for you. And remember to start paying off the highest-interest loans first. Loan interests are known to break lives, so be aware of the dangers.

Yet another obstacle to a financially healthy future is your credit card. These are such items in your wallet that can drive you to bite off more than you can chew. If you cannot pay your card bills in full, say no to credit cards and save yourself a perennial debt-trap.

Spend sensibly. Being a shopaholic isn t actually a good idea if you re trying to secure your finances. Of course, we all like to pamper ourselves with a new dress, an expensive watch or a handsome car; but be sure to think before you spend. Do you really need it? If the answer is no , forget it.

Having said all that, it s true at the same time, that no matter how much you organize or plan your finances, life throws up unexpected surprises and you re caught unaware. Maybe you ve forgotten to consider your emergency house paint or missed an important bill. It s then that you d need payday loan online to get the clog out of the wheel.

Wise men would say: keep this as your last option. To sustain your financial health, choose not to go for these high-interest loans. But if everything fails, applying for a fast cash with an online payday loan in UK to make it smooth till your next salary. When used responsibly, they not only help you make your payments, they can also protect your credit rating or help you to avoid NSF fees from the bank.

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