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byAlma Abell

When someone has a clogged sink in their home, they will most likely want to have it repaired promptly so they can utilize it as they did before something obstructed the piping system. The best way to handle a clogged drain is with the help of a plumber in Middletown NJ. They will have the appropriate equipment and knowledge to remove the obstruction so the water will once again flow through the system without incident.


Many people resort to using chemical agents to try unclogging a drain. While these products claim to be fast-acting and sure to work, they do not handle all substances that may be in the piping system. Overuse of these products could lead to the deterioration of the pipe’s structural integrity, leading to possible cracking as a result. Instead of using this type of method to unclog a drain pipe, it is better to try less harsh ways instead.

A plumber will first attempt to plunge the sink, so the obstruction becomes dislodged. If this does not work, they will then use a plumber’s snake or a heavy-duty auger to push material inside the pipes so water can get through. These tools also have small hooks on the end so the matter in the pipe may be able to be pulled out leaving behind a clear pipe for liquid.

If these tools are not successful in removing a clog, the plumber will take a look at the air vent on the roof of the home to see if it is obstructed. This would alter the amount of air flow necessary in pushing water down the piping system effectively. If matter clogged the vent, such as leaves, twigs, a dead mouse, or dirt, it could cause a slow draining sink to be the result.

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