What Is A Cosmetic Plastic Nose Surgery?


Cosmetic Plastic Nose Surgery Explained

A plastic cosmetic nose surgery procedure or in medical term, a Rhinoplasty, is a sophisticated and demanding work for a cosmetic plastic surgeon. So it is fair to surmise that it takes a very experienced and good plastic surgeon to perform a cosmetic nose effectively.

Although the nose Rhinoplasty operation can be rather complicated, the surgical procedure can actually be completed within sixty minutes. Since the shape of the nose is different with each individual and the look of the nose each patient wants it to be shaped is also different, the cosmetic plastic surgeon must have good extensive knowledge of a wide range of modern surgical procedures. This is to ensure that the surgeon can choose the most suitable treatment for the particular patient. Cosmetic surgeons say that almost every imperfect nose can be sculpted to be more beautiful and elegant by a cosmetic nose surgery.


As the nose is the most prominent feature on a person’s face, a well done cosmetic nose surgery can have great impact on a person wanting to look beautiful and elegant. Many people suffer from non symmetrical facial feature especially the nose and they are aware of their imperfection. Because of these imperfections, some sensitive patients do suffer from psychological stress and that makes nose surgery a very popular cosmetic surgery.

Psychiatric studies conducted on patients who have undergone cosmetic plastic nose surgeries have shown that their confidence and self esteem are boosted significantly after a successful nose operation.

The success of a cosmetic nose surgery depend many factors such as the anatomic particularities of a patient’s skin and sub-skin structure (how the skin heals) and the patient’s response to the surgical procedure are very important. A successful nose surgery will also depend on pre-operation consultation and medical examination of the patient. This is when the patient’s mental vision of her nose is precisely determined and matched with the various surgical options.

A cosmetic nose surgery must be preceded by a routine medical examination of the patient which will include blood tests and an ECG. Prior to the operation, pictures of the patient are taken which is a standard routine before any cosmetic plastic surgery.

The cosmetic nose surgery is completely painless during the procedure because of modern anesthesia. If done perfectly by the plastic surgeon, there may not be even any scars arising from the operation. Patients usually request for their nose be made smaller and more petite however their nose could also be made bigger if the patient so desire it to be so.

During the first few days after the surgical procedure, the patient will need a nasal packing to prevent bleeding and to support the new nose shape. The patient will given some sedative to reduce stress and tension during the procedure. After the eighth day the splint in the nose will be removed and a new elegant nose is revealed.

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