Submitted by: Lucas Raby

When getting a web site design it is a must in this day and age to also take care of the promotion side of things as well, if you don t do this you are doing so at your own peril. Let me ask you one question Have you ever heard the saying, if a tree falls in the forest and no-one is there to hear it, does it make a sound ? That s exactly the point I will be aiming to make in this article today. What is a website if it never gets found?

I am a web designer from Melbourne and have had dealings with many clients and many rival companies. I get a lot of business from rival web design companies as it seems that web designers in this day and age don t seem to be doing their job properly. I get many of phone calls from distressed clients asking me I can t find my website on Google, what do I do? The question is simple to answer and I am always willing to help but why is this question being asked in the first place and why hasn t this client s initial web designer educated them on the benefits of SEO and simply included an SEO package into the initial web design quote?


As the owner of a web design and seo company I do not offer my clients any choice when it comes to website promotion as it is in their best interests and if I get a client who tells me they cannot afford website promotion I simply tell them they cannot afford not to do it. Why not spend an extra couple of hundred dollars on your initial investment to ensure your new online presence is a success?

Frankly I am tired of dealing with lazy web designers scraps and having to educated clients on the need for SEO for the website which is why I have put together a special, limited time offer as a trial simply to see how it goes, for 100 small to medium sized business owners whether they be from Australia or not. My company is currently running a free web design offer that entitles the business owner to a free custom designed website but the only catch is The have to allow us to promote their website on Google. The benefit for the client is that all they pay for is the promotion of their website and the benefit for us is that we don t have to ask the client whether they want to or not, whether they can afford it or not as it is what it is and if they don t allow us to promote their website, we don t design their website for them.

In 99% of cases, the customer is completely happy and the 1% of clients who are not are the ones that are not are the ones that didn t take up the offer and decided they would go to another web designer and either just get the website by itself and neglect the website promotion side of things and realise later that it was definitely in their best interests to do so in the first place or they ended up getting a website and SEO but ended up paying full price somewhere else.

So, what is the method to my rant here today? Web Design companies, its time for some tuff love when it comes to your new clients and don t take no for an answer and for clients, spending a little bit of extra capital at the start with make you and save you a lot more money in the long run so do not, and I mean DO NOT neglect the website promotion side of things when it comes to getting your first, second or even third website designed.

About the Author: Lucas owns a web design company called GOOD2GO Web Design. They are offering the first 300 small business owners to register a free custom designed website. For more info about this special offer simply head to

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