What is The Best Way of Getting Rich on the Internet


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Without hype or the slightest exaggeration, the Internet is the single largest economic gateway the world has ever known. Never before has it been so easy for a person to generate revenue from their own home and attain financial independence. And yes, examples like Yahoo, Google and e-Bay are the superstars of the e-world, the Internet still presents anyone with a computer and access to the web the potential to make exponential profit.

The Power of e-Bay


With millions of visitors each day and cars, dining sets, jewelry, and even advertising space being sold on a pregnant womans belly, E-bay is a crowning success on the Internet and proof positive of its astounding potential for profit and opportunity. Of course, there are literally hundreds of detailed books out there promising to help one and all make big profits selling their gently used household items and collectibles. This report will not pretend to go into the detail of any of these other resources but will provide the reader with an overview of the auction side of the e-Bay business along with tips and strategies to help optimize success and make $700 in 7 daysor thereabouts!!

Cold Hard Facts About e-Bay

Make no mistake about itthe idea of making money from the comfort and privacy of your

home is very alluring. So, when someone hears that they can take a picture of their old unwanted items and sell them to the highest bidder to the point of perhaps even quitting their job and doing so full-timewell, many of us leap before really thinking it through.

Inflated Profit Myth If you post enough items or those with enough value, there is no doubt that you will make your $700 in about a weekbut is that really what you made? One of the biggest mistakes made by newbies to the e-Bay scene is to overestimate the amount of profit made from every sale. In truth, the profit would be the difference between what was originally paid for the auctioned item and what it sold for (not including any potential profit from shipping).

However, because many believe that since they plan to never replace the item that all proceeds from the sale are thus profit, a self-destructive cycle begins. At the end of the day, a business must generate a product or perform some type of service. Unless there is a structured plan to continually obtain more products to sell for profit, your home will eventually be empty and your cash flow will come to a screeching halt.

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